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The stance of Proveo

Proveo is the acronym of Pro Venezuela Organization. With the purpose to clarify our position, I should start by explaining briefly the meaning of the word "pro",

Prep. In favour of

The utilization of this word before Venezuela is not coincidental. In fact constitutes the best definition of our position. I feel deeply concerned with respect to the attitudes of some members of the Venezuelan opposition, who have suddenly "discovered" a myriad of organizations, which have been actively working for the resolution of our crisis at an international level. Their interest goes to the absurd extent of self-appointing themselves as the "controllers" of said organizations.

Division is by no means my intention. However, one must stress that for almost a year now, Proveo has been trying to establish contact with the Democratic Coordinator (CD) to no avail. The sole purpose of bridging the gap was to work in sync with the same strategy to be able to tackle more efficiently the crude indifference with respect to the Venezuelan issue vis-à-vis the international community.

In our peculiar case the goal has not been achieved. We have been completely ignored by the representatives of the CD. The situation has changed though, government and opposition forces considered vital to have a strong presence in the international arena, which will permit them to "export the message". Alas "the message" is of no interest for public opinion outside Venezuela. Every country has its own issues that to the local residents are way more important than the deliriums of Hugo Chavez. No international coalition force will step in to solve our conflict.

To attain that objective, opposition political forces pretend to utilize in a rather grotesque and disrespectful manner the efforts of many Venezuelan citizens who are easy prey of these professional swindlers.

The consensus plan proposed by the CD does not contemplate the development of two themes that represent by themselves the key to the future success of Venezuela, i.e. to change the presidential form of government for a parliamentary system and secondly to change the mercantilist state for a market economy.

Hence, loyal to our intent of contributing uninterestedly to the development and future of our country, we declare:

- We are not (will never be) part of the CD, Democratic Block or any other names attributable to the political forces presently opposing president Chavez.

- We are neither members nor supporters of any Venezuelan political party.

- We are not subscribed to any international opposition group.

- Our actions are not subordinated to strategies dictated by the newly formed International Relations Commission of the CD.

- We are not financed by any Venezuelan or foreign economic group.

Our mission is to inform about the Venezuelan reality and we shall do so by organizing forums and conferences, launching websites and using every available mean of information at our disposal. We shall also search and promote alternatives to resolve the grave social, political and economical crisis affecting the country.

We shall endeavour for the establishment of a parliamentary system in Venezuela (as means of minimizing the disastrous effects that messianic figures represent) and for the adoption of a free market economy, thereby the role of the state will be to bring forth the conditions which will permit the inclusion of vast sectors of society in the generation of wealth rather than its actual redistributive character.

We shall continue firm in our apolitical stance, striving to convert Proveo into a think-tank with an objective and clear perspective. We are a group of individuals from the civil society and as such we will remain.

Our north shall continue to be Pro Venezuela in the broadest sense of the term.

Aleksander Boyd
Founder and Director


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